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best supplement for insulin resistance featured image
Supplements & Disease | Healthy Aging

Best Supplement for Insulin Resistance? My 2023 Guide as a Doctor

Are you looking to boost your metabolic health? Or, in simpler words, to avoid type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and various other chronic conditions. Tackling insulin resistance is a good place to start – and research shows 40% of Americans struggle with it. Today, we’re looking for the best supplement for insulin resistance. Why? Because…

Is matcha good for gut health featured image
Gut Health

Is Matcha Good for Gut Health? An MD Answers (… It’s Yes!)

Looking to boost your good gut bacteria? Matcha may be able to help – and, in this article we’ll answer is matcha good for gut health & why. Gut health is a topic that’s been gaining tons of attention lately, and for good reason. A healthy gut is obviously essential for optimal digestion and nutrient…

5-HTP for Hair loss featured image

5-HTP for Hair Loss: Can It Really Help?

Would you like to boost your serotonin? The 5-HTP supplement may help and bring better mental health, weight loss support, migraine relief … and maybe help with hair loss? In this article from the 5-HTP series we’ve been doing lately, we cover this little-known potential benefit. Are you getting worried about your hair? Thinning, bald…

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